Seminars & Workshops

Our full list of courses are listed below

Courses Offered
  • The science of self-mastery for leadership & management
  • Emotional quotient and spiritual quotient for effective management, leadership and sustained performance.
  • Stress management: 8 secrets to transcend mental pressure and pain while meeting the deadline and targets.
  • Harmony in human relations, managing and resolving conflict.
  • Effective time management through self-management.
  • The elements and principles of team-working.
  • Change management: Change or perish – law of life.
  • Leadership: From success to significance
  • Life mastery in Leadership and Management.
Courses Offered
  • The winning habits of champion performers.
  • Happiness at workplace.
  • Balanced life: Maintaining a work-life balance.
  • Entrepreneurial psychology: Building the mindset of an entrepreneur. The winning habits of champion performers.
  • Diversity management: Diversity, inclusion & cross-cultural working
  • Unleash the motivation and creativity for a start up
  • Conscious parenting: The art of raising responsible children.
  • Marriage: Recharging marital relations. “Making your spouse your best friend”
  • Self-motivated teacher an effective class-room manager. (Specifically, for educators)

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